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Group Instruction

We offer classes for both children and adults. We structure the classes based on the student’s ages, ability and level of training. Each class consists of warm up stretching, various exercise routines, kicking / punching techniques and poomsae movement.

Self Defense Class

We at Yong In Martial Arts Academy are dedicated to teaching extremely effective but practical and proper self-defense & personal safety techniques. No special strength or knowledge of martial arts is needed; one can train and learn regardless of age, size,
shape or experience. We believe that self defense should be easy to learn, easy to retain, and relatively easy to employ during real confrontational situations, so our techniques are designed for anyone to learn no matter your background.




The Yong In Martial Arts Academy Demonstration

Team consists of a large number of dedicated students. The team demonstrates their knowledge and skill of the Taekwondo Arts in a public forum. Being on the demonstration team is a great opportunity to show your skill and knowledge of Taekwondo, build team spirit and have lots of fun. A Demonstration Class is offered to those who are on the team to provide additional practice and support.

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Yong In Martial Arts Academy is proud of our students who compete in many of the Local and National Tournaments. Our experienced instructors train and mentor students to prepare them for all aspects of the tournaments. Our Masters have first-hand experience competing in tournaments, and offer expertise in physical and mental conditioning, self confidence, sparring and technical training. When you or your child becomes ready to participate in tournaments, additional information, such as sparring contact ruled, training information, etc.

will be available to assist you.

Trial Program 

We offer a three-weeks Trial Program.The program includes one week of class instruction. This program allows you to evaluate the exceptional quality of the school, ease into training, and increase your confidence about being new to the class.

There is also a first time free class to introduce the student to the fun and exciting program at Yong In Martial Arts Academy. Please contact the studio to schedule your class and discuss any questions you may have at this time.

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